Irún 1980.

I’ve been surfing for 25 years non stop and it is what I enjoy doing the most. Surfing has taken me all over the world, looking for the best waves, but I have to admit that our coastline is blessed in terms of quality and quantity of waves.

As a traveller I am very much aware of how important it is to know where you are going, in order to save money and time, and no one knows a place better than the locals. Surf Teknika Guiding is just that: a specialized surf guiding service that will help you enjoy your surf trip and discover the local culture thanks to our expert guides.

My experience as a surf coach with Surf Teknika has helped me understand the needs of our customers and to search the best conditions for them. I’ve also been working in different tourism and cultural projects and I speak French, English and Spanish, so I can share with you anything you want to know about surfing on our beaches. Welcome and have good waves.