1- How long in advance do we have to contact you?

The sooner the better, especially if you need to hire board and/or wetsuit. In this case the sooner you contact us the wider the range to choose from. If you only need guiding services, a couple days should be enough.

2- Can we extend the length of the service if we see that the conditions are good?

Sure! As surfers we are very aware that, sometimes, good conditions appear out of nowhere and by surprise. Do not worry about it, as we will always give you the option to extend our services. In case you’ve already paid when booking, you will only have to pay for the extra time.

3- What if we have booked and paid for more hours that we end up using because the conditions are very bad?

2 options:

Take advantage of the hours paid to visit something interesting with our guides (beaches, shops, restaurants, etc)

We take you back to the meeting point and we pay you back half of the hours that you paid (the first 3 hours are non-refundable).

4- What type of board and wetsuits can you hire us?

Our quiver goes from mini mals for beginners to classic longboards, as well as high performance shortboards of all shapes and dimensions. Let us know what are you looking for and we’ll try to get you something very similar; we will send you several options by e-mail. If you are not too sure of what you need, our guides will help you out according to your surf level and the waves we will surf.

Regarding the wetsuits we only need to know your size and we will find you the best option according to the current temperatures.

5- How does the video coaching and surf photography service work?

These services can be added to the surf guiding service, but you’ll need to let us know beforehand. We use top of the range video and photo equipment. Our guides also work as surf coaches, and can help you improve your technique. You can watch some of our surf coaching videos on our Vimeo channel. During the surf sessions, the guide will be filming you and giving you tips on how to improve your surfing. At the end of the surf session you will both watch the footage on a laptop and the guide will point out several aspects of your surfing. If you want, you can take the footage with you (in this case bring a hard drive or a pen drive).

The photographic service works the same way: the guide will take photos while you surf and will give them to you. In this case we will only charge you for the time we are taking photos.

6- What is the best time of the year to surf in this area?

If you are a beginner any time is good, as we have plenty of sheltered beaches in case it is too big. For an advanced surfer, the best time of the year is during autumn/winter, when the swells are more consistent with off-shore winds and less people in the water.

7- How many hours do you recommend?

It depends on how long can you surf for and how much do we have to drive in order to find the best waves. We think that 3 hours is a minimum to offer a good service and find several options to surf.

8- How many surfers can book at the same time?

We recommend a maximum of 4 surfers. Locals don’t like big crowds.

9- How many boards should we bring?

We recommend that you bring 2 boards each. If the waves are good there’s a good chance that you snap a surfboard, so it’s good to have a spare one with you.

10- Can my non-surfing partner (husband, wife, boy-girlfriend) come too? And how much does it cost?

If he/she doesn’t surf we will only charge 5€/hour.

11- Can we hire a guide but use our own car?

Of course. Let us know what’s your plan and we’ll send you a special fare.

12 Do we need to hire a special insurance?

We have our own insurance but we recommend all our clients to have their own travelling/sports insurance in case they have any incident while surfing. We will not accept any medical charges due to accidents of one of our clients while surfing or misbehaving.